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Irene Rockwell - Office Manager

Irene comes to us with over 20 years medical management experience. First and foremost Irene believes that patient care should be the physicians’ and the offices first priority, with this in mind she creates policies and procedures to assist offices to continue ensuring this is the priority.

In her spare time Irene enjoys spending time with her husband, adult twin girls, and her toddler daughter. She also enjoys reading, bike riding, and art.

Jocelyn McLean- Administrative Assistant

Jocelyn was raised in Mission Viejo and returned to her hometown after attending college in Northern California. At Saint Mary’s College of California, she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. Her journey with holistic healing started when she enrolled in a meditation course her first year of college. She quickly realized the profound impact that it could have on one’s life and later became the president of her college’s Meditation Club in the hopes of providing her peers with the opportunity to experience the deep peace she found from meditation. From there she began working for an organization on campus called Peer Advocates for Wellness. This program focused on addressing health concerned of college students in a well-rounded manner by addressing all aspects of wellness such as spiritual health, financial health, and social health. Through this organization she found her passion for advocacy work which she intends to continue through her work at OC Whole Family Wellness. Her hobbies include longboarding, baking, and crafting.

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