Your Partner In Health

At OC Whole Family Wellness, we strive to become your partner in health, for the short-term and the long haul. Our hour-long first-patient meeting and extensive intake tests help us to develop a comprehensive picture of how your body is functioning on all levels. From there, we test, identify and treat imbalances of hormones, vitamins, and micronutrients. We remove obstacles to healing such as toxins, allergens, and food sensitivities. We identify and treat the root causes of ailments while providing natural therapies that alleviate symptoms. And in addition to treating the ailments you have, we create long-term strategies that will foster future vitality by optimizing immune function, reducing the risk of disease, maximizing your nutritional status and balancing your hormones naturally. By treating the whole person, we usher in health now and lay the foundation for a healthier tomorrow. Our functional approach truly provides a bridge to hope, healing and vitality.