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Carley Jennings - Nutritionist

Carli Jennings - Nutritionist

Carley is a Whole Foods Nutritionist specializing in coaching patients in nourishing lifestyle and nutrition habits so that they can be healthy and happy. Founder and CEO of Carley’s Kitchen, she believes that a whole foods diet is a foundational step in building a path to wellness. A Nutritional Chef and Consultant, she connects individuals of all ages and backgrounds with real food and relies on plant-powered diets as the primary vehicle for health promotion. Carley specializes in translating complex nutritional concepts into meal plans and routines that are exciting, wholesome, and comforting for even the pickiest of eaters. Carley is here to assist in the development of a personalized dietary approach that supports your unique journey toward wellness.

As a graduate of Bastyr University, with a Master of Science in Nutrition for Wellness, Carley is a formally educated Nutrition Consultant with a unique familiarity in culinary concepts needed to put health-promoting diets into practice. Carley guides clients to a greater level of understanding beyond knowing what foods to eat by helping them to understand how they are incorporated into a functional and balanced diet that suits their personal tastes. As both a chef and consultant, she helps a variety of clients bridge the gap between knowing what to eat and successfully implementing a wellness-inducing diet into their daily lives.

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