Marissa Gallardo, IV Nurse

Marissa Gallardo is the lead nurse in the OC Whole Family Wellness IV lounge. Marissa began her nursing career in pediatrics, but soon found that she wanted to treat health in a more natural way. She went on to work in wellness facilities that took proactive approaches to wellness and that tackled chronic illness, such as Lyme disease. While working in a natural health and wellness facility in West Hollywood, she connected with a network of naturopathic doctors. She was intrigued by the idea of approaching healthcare from a holistic standpoint and addressing the root causes of issues. It was with this wellness facility that she discovered the healing effects of nutritional IV therapies. Marissa is passionate about chronic illness like Lyme disease and mold illness. She is currently studying to earn a degree in complementary and alternative healthcare and plans to go on to pursue her goal of becoming a naturopathic doctor.