Getting Started


We are confident that this will be an educating, engaging and growth promoting journey towards your health goals. We honor your choices in choosing your health care providers, and welcome the opportunity to work together towards optimal health.

Please follow the following steps to prepare for our first visit together and maximize efficiency:

  1. Download our Adult Intake Form or Pediatric Intake Form and bring a copy to your visit. If you are coming to discuss infertility or a preconception program, please download our Fertility Questionnaire in addition to the Adult Intake Form.
  2. Download the Diet & Lifestyle Diary and the Diet & Lifestyle Instructions. Please bring your diet diary that includes at least 4 days, including weekend and weekdays. We are able to provide the most comprehensive nutritional counseling if we see your most “typical” days with common food choices. It is best if you do not change your eating habits during this time.
  3. Bring any past medical records, laboratory reports and diagnostic imaging reports. If you do not have copies of these already, you can request them from the ordering physician and bring them to your first visit. If this is not possible, we will submit a request for these records on your behalf at your visit.
  4. Bring in all supplements and medications that you are currently taking to your first visit so we can review them together.
  5. Please arrive 15 minutes before your first schedule visit to allow time for your paperwork to be processed.