Adrenal Health / Stress Management

Modern lifestyles have had greater impact on the adrenal glands than any other system in the body. With exposure to stressors (emotional, physical, environmental, or perceived stimuli), our adrenals go to work. And with chronic stressors, our adrenals can go into overdrive until they eventually decline in function. Historically, human stressors came in shorter bursts. Nowadays, we can be under stress from morning until night, and sometimes even during sleep.

When the adrenal glands become affected by constant stress, you feel fatigued. Adrenal fatigue plays a role in many other health concerns such as allergies, hypoglycemia, lightheadedness, food cravings, PMS and menopausal disorders, fibromyalgia, poor immunity, insomnia, autoimmune conditions, accelerated aging, environmental sensitivities, and of course, chronic fatigue syndrome. In a self-perpetuating cycle, chronic disease conversely contributes to adrenal fatigue. 

At OC Whole Family Wellness, Dr. Harden will do a thorough evaluation of your adrenal gland health, and design a customized treatment plan to bring your adrenals back to optimal function, and thus restoring your energy, stamina and filling up your reserve tank for aging gracefully.